Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2019

Picture of some musical notes

Last year, I asked the question why aren't there any Top 10 lists out there dedicated to covers and remixes of PC game music. Sure, there are plenty of lists with games from multiple platforms in general, but they're often inundated with stuff from consoles (which is fine if you're a gamer that plays on every platform, but not so much if you're almost exclusively a PC gamer).

I created a Top 10 list last year for the best of 2018 and now it's 2019's turn.

How the list was made

This year, I scoured the Internet for PC game music covers and remixes and came up with 40 to choose from. This list was compiled from various sources including OCRemix, Remix64 as well as several YouTube channels. While this list is by no means an exhaustive one, it at least gives people a taste of what awesome PC game music remixes and covers are out there (if I've missed any released in 2019, be sure to mention them in the comments).

I applied a 0-2 scale scoring system, similar to what has been employed previously and also similar to our other Top 10 features. These are what each of the scores represent:

0 = remix that didn't resonate with me and I couldn't get into it. Usually because I'm not a fan of the source material or I don't really recognise it.
1 = remix that is good, worth a listen and can be appreciated for its technical merit.
2 = My favourites of the bunch. Ones I'm likely to listen to again and again. Remixes I'd want my friends to listen to.

Unlike last year's list, there were a lot of tracks that achieved a score of 2 this time, 19 in fact. So I had to whittle this list down to a Top 10. Any remaining tracks are included in the Honourable Mentions list below.
So I present to you the Top 10 PC Game Covers and Remixes of 2019 as ranked by Choicest Games (over the coming days, more titles will be added to the list below)!

  1. Cozy Campfire (Monkey Island 2)
  2. The Wind Can Be Still (Winter) [Remix] (Stardew Valley)
  3. Holographic Projection (Deus Ex)
  4. Rum Barrel (Escape from Monkey Island)
  5. Battlefield 1942 Theme Cover (Battlefield 1942)
  6. Undertale Orchestra Live Medley Epic (Undertale)
  7. Level 4 (Lemmings)
  8. Supremacy / Overlord (Supremacy: Your Will Be Done)
  9. A Brief Respite (Undertale)
  10. The Stellar Scarborough Fair (Civilization VI)

Honourable Mentions go to the following covers/remixes:
Three-Headed Monkey Combat by Yffisch
Slipgate by mikedm92
Supremacy (memorial mix) by Gerd Bahl
Undertale – Megalovania [EPIC METAL COVER] by Little V
Catherine's Interstellar Squadron by Revolution72
Dune – Sietch Tabr / Fremen Theme by BG Ollie
Megalovania – Undertale [Dubstep Remix] by Metal Fortress
Undertale: MEGALOVANIA (Metal Cover) by RichaadEB & ThunderScott
SKYRIM Main Theme Orchestra Dragonborn – LIVE CONCERT EPIC by Game Music Collective feat. Euga Choir