Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2019 - #10 The Stellar Scarborough Fair (Civilization VI)

Game: Sid Meier's Civilization VI
Source: England Theme
Original Artist(s): Geoff Knorr
Remix/Cover Title: The Stellar Scarborough Fair [Civilization VI England Space FM Theme Mix ]
Artist(s): Revolution72

Our first track on this list is by Revolution72, an artist I originally followed because of his choicest remixes of Civilization VI's music. He hadn't created one since 2017 but in 2019 he released two: one based off the French theme called "Catherine's Interstellar Squadron" and one based off the England theme called "Stellar Scarborough Fair". I've never really warmed to the French theme in the game but the English one is easily one of my favourites, probably because I'm already familiar with the source material, "Scarborough Fair" (and I'm guessing most people who live in the Anglosphere are too).

Revolution72 adds a futuristic, sci-fi feel to it as his Civilization VI remixes are meant to be "Post-Information Era" takes on each of the themes, and he definitely succeeds in this regard. What is even better is that he's managed to mix some of the Civilization: Beyond Earth soundtrack in there for good measure, to the point that one observant YouTube commenter mentioned

Comment from YouTube

(Deepcastle is the capital of the North Sea Alliance faction in Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide, the successor state to the United Kingdom)

Revolution72 says he was inspired by cyberpunk soundtracks like "Blade Runner" and "Deus Ex" for this particular track and the result is really cool. Civilization VI's soundtrack is really underrated and deserves more of this kind of love.