Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2019 - #4 Rum Barrel (Escape from Monkey Island)

Screencap of music video with Yffisch playing several instruments

Game: Escape from Monkey Island
Source: Scumm Bar
Original Artist(s): Anna Karney, Clint Bajakian, Michael Land and Peter McConnell
Remix/Cover Title: Rum Barrel
Artist(s): Yffisch

The artist Yffisch has been busy releasing a whole bunch of covers based off the Monkey Island series last year and it was tough to pick which ones to include in this list. In fourth place, I've decided to include music from the fourth Monkey Island game, Escape from Monkey Island. While it's not considered one of the strongest offerings from Lucasarts with respect to the Monkey Island franchise (it was also the first Monkey Island game to use 3D instead of 2D graphics) the game still has some awesome music, and it's a shame that it isn't covered more often. Thankfully, Yffisch rectifies that with this cover based off the music you hear in the good ol' Scumm Bar on Melee Island.

Yffisch is a bit like BG Ollie in that he is adept at playing many instruments and he not only plays the accordion in this cover, but also the sopranino recorder, alto recorder, mandolin and clarinet! The result is fantastic and it's great to see Escape from Monkey Island's soundtrack receive a bit of love.

Thanks to OCRemix for hosting these videos (and curating the music of course).

Also, if you want to see Yffisch's own music video, check it out here.