Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2019 - #3 Holographic Projection (Deus Ex)

Screencap of Holographic Project music video by Sir NutS

Game: Deus Ex
Source: UNATCO
Original Artist(s): Michiel van den Bos
Remix/Cover Title: Holographic Projection
Artist(s): Sir_NutS and Stephen Kelly

Sir_NutS has been creating remixes of Video Game Music for quite some time now and this track (actually originally uploaded to his channel in 2017 but curated by OCRemix in 2019) happens to be from a favourite game amongst my friends: Deus Ex. The remix is also based off one of the most popular tracks in the game called "UNATCO" which plays when you visit JC Denton's workplace: the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Headquarters.

Sir_NutS has done a psytrance/goa take on the track which means it feels right at home at a nightclub. What's even better is that frequent collaborator, Stephen Kelly has voiced some lines from the game for inclusion in the track (since, according to Strong Bad, you've always got to have old quotes from some sci-fi movie in a techno song, except in this case, substitute sci-fi movie with sci-fi game). If you're a Deus Ex fan, this is one track you'll want to listen to.

Thanks to OCRemix for hosting these videos (and curating the music of course).