Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2018

Photo of Lanna's keyboard

Since PC game music doesn't get enough love, I thought why not have a Top 10 list dedicated to covers and remixes of PC games.

How the list was made

I scoured the Internet for PC game music covers and remixes that appealed to me and came up with over 20 of them. This list was compiled from various sources including OCRemix, Remix64 as well as several YouTube channels. While this list is by no means an exhaustive one, it at least gives people a taste of what awesome PC game remixes and covers are out there (if I've missed any awesome PC game music remixes or covers released in 2018, be sure to mention them in the comments).

I whittled this list down to 18 and then I applied a 0-2 scale scoring system, similar to what has been employed in our other Top 10 features. These are what each of the scores represent:

0 = remix that didn't resonate with me and I couldn't get into it. Usually because I'm not a fan of the source material or I don't really recognise it.

1 = remix that is good, worth a listen and can be appreciated for its technical merit.

2 = My favourites of the bunch. Ones I'm likely to listen to again and again. Remixes I'd want my friends to listen to.

There were 16 remixes/covers that achieved a score of 1 or 2. The remixes/covers that scored a 2 were automatically included in the top 10. I had to be a bit more selective with the remaining tracks that scored 1 but I think I'm happy with the result.

So I present to you the Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2018 as ranked by Choicest Games (over the coming days, more titles will be added to the list below)!
  1. Miami Disco - Metal Cover (Hotline Miami)
  2. Megablast - 2017 Oldschool Remix (Xenon 2)
  3. Late in the Caribbean (The Secret of Monkey Island)
  4. Uncharted Grooves 2018 (Mass Effect)
  5. Soviet March - Metal Cover (Red Alert 3)
  6. Binding (The Wolf Among Us)
  7. Glitterbomb (Undertale)
  8. Children of Zakarum (Diablo II)
  9. Tristram Village (Diablo)
  10. The Spectral Mire (Undertale)

Honourable Mentions go to the following covers/remixes: