Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2019 - #9 A Brief Respite (Undertale)

Screencap of music video featuring RebeccaETripp and David Erick Ramos

Game: Undertale
Source: Snowdin Town
Original Artist(s): Toby Fox
Remix/Cover Title: A Brief Respite
Artist(s): RebeccaETripp, Docjazz4

Ah, Undertale. Seems like this game will never stop getting remixes which is why I actually have two on this list. This remix is based off the charming Snowdin Town theme and is a collaboration between prolific OCRemix remixer RebeccaETripp and Docjazz4 (David Erick Ramos) who plays the ocarina. The track has a magical feel to it and replacing the synth violin from the original with a live ocarina is an inspired choice that enhances the music.

(Also, for those of you that do a bit of searching on YouTube, you may have noticed that the remix was released on David Erick Ramos's YouTube channel in 2016 so it probably should technically be a 2016 remix, not a 2019 one... but it seems to have taken three years before it actually featured on OCRemix :P. So I'll go with that date, just coz).

Thanks to OCRemix for hosting these videos (and curating the music of course).