Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2019 - #6 Undertale Orchestra Live Medley Epic (Undertale)

Screencap from video showing the Game Music Collective performing

Game: Undertale
Source: Once upon a Time, Bonetrousle, Metal Crusher and Spider Dance
Original Artist(s): Toby Fox
Remix/Cover Title: Undertale Orchestra Live Medley Epic
Artist(s): Game Music Collective

Here we go, yet another remix/cover based off the Undertale soundtrack! A lot of the Undertale soundtrack consists of chiptune music so it's definitely refreshing to hear a cover that uses a live orchestra, and this cover is a medley so we don't just get to enjoy one track; we get to enjoy four!

The track first starts off with a beautiful rendition of "Once Upon a Time" before moving on to my favourite track in the game, "Bonetrousle", at 1:20. I'm still not exactly sure why I like "Bonetrousle" but maybe because I keep imagining it to be perfect Cossack dancing music or something. The violin solo by Emma Mali was a nice touch.

At 2:07 the medley moves on to "Metal Crusher" which is the boss music that plays when you go up against Mettaton. The original is a fast-paced chiptune but you could imagine something like a flute being played in its place… turns out that the Game Music Collective thought another woodwind instrument would be suitable instead, as Ville Kompa performs a clarinet solo during this part.

The medley then ends with a fan favourite at 2:44 called "Spider Dance"; it's really hard not to resist the supreme jazziness of this track.

If you're interested in more orchestral covers of game music check out Game Music Collective's YouTube channel!