Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2018 - #9 Tristram Village (Diablo)

Screenshot from the original Diablo

Game: Diablo
Source: Tristram
Original Artist(s): Matt Uelmen
Remix/Cover Title: Tristram Village (Acoustic/Metal Guitar Cover)
Artist(s): FamilyJules

Ahhhh you can’t go wrong here: a classic tune from a classic game. The artist ain't too shabby either as I've enjoyed quite a few covers by YouTuber FamilyJules over the years and a particular favourite of mine is his Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games.

Today, however, we're looking at a track that originally surfaced back in 1996 (yes, that’s how old the original Diablo actually is)! There's been plenty of covers of this iconic track because it's just such a damn cool thing to play on acoustic guitar, but this one is special as FamilyJules claims that his cover is the only one on YouTube that actually covers the whole eight minutes in its entirety; he uses a whole bunch of instruments too, including multiple guitars and even ocarinas. I particularly like this cover since unlike other works by FamilyJules (which tend to do the full metal treatment), he's toned it down somewhat in this cover... as he puts it:

"I was able to stay true to the original at most parts and develop on the intensity with the overdriven guitars and I think it makes for a different feel than the original rather than trying to be bigger or better."