Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2018 - #7 Glitterbomb (Undertale)

Screenshot from Undertale

Game: Undertale
Source: Death by Glamour
Original Artist(s): Toby Fox
Remix/Cover Title: Glitterbomb
Artist(s): LongBoxofChocolate and Philippe Delage

Yes, here we have another Undertale remix and again featuring the talents of LongBoxofChocolate although this time collaborating with Philippe Delage. This one is slightly higher up the list probably because I'm a fan of disco glam-rock or whatever this thing is 😊. The original source music is probably the funkiest, most danceable track in the game and in this remix, all of this is amplified to the extreme. It sounds like something Joe Hisashi would've done back in the early 80s. Particular highlights include the lively flute solo at 1:36 as well as the mad sax at 3:23. It sounds like the artists had a lot of fun making this track and listeners can feel it through the music.

Thanks again to OCRemix for hosting and curating these remixes.