Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2018 - #5 Soviet March – Metal Cover (Red Alert 3)

Screenshot from Red Alert 3
Kirov reporting!

Game: Red Alert 3
Source: Soviet March
Original Artist(s): James Hannigan
Remix/Cover Title: Soviet March (Metal Cover)
Artist(s): RichaadEB

You could almost be fooled into thinking that the "Soviet March" to the RTS Red Alert 3 is an actual Soviet March performed by the Red Army Choir, however closer inspection of the lyrics will reveal otherwise: it's actually complete nonsense (sung in Russian, of course).

An old blog post on the original Command & Conquer website discussed the history behind the track but unfortunately, the original Command & Conquer website no longer exists ☹. Thankfully, a thread on the forums still exists where there's a copy of the lyrics in both Russian and English. I've posted them here for posterity:

Наш Coветский Союз покоряет весь мир
Как огромный медведь на Востоке.
Овцы бродят безцельно, без всяких забот
А Советский медведь на охоте.

Наше братство - хорошая жизнь,
Наша щедрость ни с чем не сравнится.
Все кто с нами - сильны
Все кто против, держись
Чтоб нам всем не пришлось потрудится.

Все народы, не стоит того
Что бы мы превратили вас в пепел.
Благодарны вам, низкий поклон,
От самой могущеcтвенной nation.

Literal English translation:
Our Soviet Union subjugates the whole world
Like a gigantic bear from the East.
The sheep wander aimlessly, without any cause,
Yet the Soviet bear's on the hunt.

Our brotherhood's a good life, Our generosity is without compare.
All those with us are strong,
All those against us, beware.
It'd be a shame if we had hardships.

To all those around us, it's not worth your while
If we were to turn you to ashes.
We thank you profoundly, and bow to you deeply,
From the mightiest nation in all the world.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson, on to the remixes/covers. There have been a few covers based on this theme which has become synonymous with Red Alert 3 (no easy feat considering the legacy that Frank Klepacki left behind) and while my favourite is one performed by Alina Gingertail (probably one of the most authentic covers of the theme to grace YouTube) it was released a couple of years ago so I'll have to pick my favourite for last year, and that honour goes to RichaadEB with his metal cover of the theme.

You can tell he's had a lot of fun doing this cover and you could just imagine the great Frank Klepacki producing something similar if he were looking to create a metal version of Hannigan's theme. Be sure to stick around when he shouts "Aaaaaaa! (in Russian)"

If you like RichaadEB's music, you can purchase it from Google Play or iTunes. His music is also on Spotify or you can support him through Patreon.