Top 10 PC Game Music Covers and Remixes of 2018 - #10 The Spectral Mire (Undertale)

Screenshot from Undertale

Game: Undertale
Source: Waterfall
Original Artist(s): Toby Fox
Remix/Cover Title: The Spectral Mire
Artist(s): LongBoxofChocolate, Mary Horst, Patrick Lanier and Tyler Krug

First up we have a remix that covers a fairly recent indie game that took the world by storm (and when I say "fairly recent" I mean "released in the past few years"). Undertale which was released in 2015 was developed by one man called Toby Fox but what was truly special about the game (besides its unconventional combat system and multiple endings) was its awesome chiptune soundtrack. Within a very short time, tracks from the game have been remixed and covered just about everywhere and while I’m impartial to a good "Bonetrousle" remix (there are hundreds of these by the way) it’s always good to diversify and the source track "Waterfall" is probably the polar opposite to "Bonetrousle" in terms of tone and style.

The artists LongBoxofChocolate, Mary Horst, Patrick Lanier and Tyler Krug have gone for a smooth, blues rock sound to the remix. In fact, it wouldn’t go amiss on Ben Crossbones's album for Organ Trail.

Thanks to OCRemix for hosting these videos (and curating the music of course).