Happy New Year!

Picture of a thought bubble with the number 2024 in it
Happy New Year!

It's that time of the year again... the beginning of the year that is. Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year! Choicest Games has made it to 2024, despite life getting in the way and making it an extremely busy year.

As it was with previous years, last year, I made some blog-specific new year resolutions in terms of what I was planning to achieve for 2023. But first, let us see what was actually achieved along with some of the other highlights:

This year it seems I've managed to complete 3 out of 4 of my new year resolutions: I completed a Top 10 list last year, I published a Most Anticipated PC Games List of 2023 (with the help of Lanna) and I continued my weekly posts until they were officially retired.

I again failed in reaching the modest goal of 24 reviews this year (two reviews per month). I missed it by 6 reviews. So, I'm planning to keep my goal at 24 reviews since I think it's still a reasonable one, but I will need to change my reviewing criteria if I want to give myself enough time to complete them. From now on, I will need to restrict the amount of playtime on games to about 5 hours: this isn't an issue with games that are short but could be a problem when it comes to reviewing games that require a big time investment like open world games or MMOs. In the past, I prided myself on the fact that I would try my very best to only review a game once it had been completed and to notify readers in the rare instances where that wasn't the case. However, this isn't realistic when some games require more than 50 hours to experience a good chunk of it (such as Fallout 4). Expect to see changes to the "About" section in the near future.

So what are my resolutions going to be for 2024?
  • To aim for 24 reviews in 2024 (or two per month)
  • To continue the Most Anticipated PC Games List for 2025
  • To complete a feature article for this year (e.g. a Top 10 list, Top 100 list, etc.)