Season 5 of Battlefield 2042 to Release 7 June

Screenshot of new map Reclaimed from Battlefield 2042
Reclaimed appears to be inspired by the Battlefield 4 map Zavod 311

Battlefield 2042's Season 5 will be released on the 7th June and will bring with it a new map, new weapons and map rework. The new map called "Reclaimed" looks like it's been heavily inspired by the Battlefield 4 abandoned tank factory map Zavod 311. The season will also introduce three new guns: the XCE Bar bolt-action sniper rifle, the GEW-46 assault rifle (which looks like a G36C) and the BFP .50 Hand Cannon (basically a Desert Eagle, and no guesses as to what the acronym actually stands for ;)). Three new grenades will also be included in the new season: the spring grenade (an anti-infantry grenade), an anti-tank grenade and a mini-grenade.

Hourglass, the map set in Qatar, will be reworked in Season 5 and is the last of the original BF2042 maps to receive this treatment.

There are also a lot of Quality of Life changes planned including the return of Squad Management and Squad Orders, and changes to Specialists such as Irish and Dozer.

There are no new vehicles being introduced in the new season and as DICE has previously stated, no new specialists will be added to the game either.