Battlefield 2042 Season 5 to Nerf Irish and Buff Dozer

Screenshot of Battlefield 2042 Specialist Collection screen with Irish
Irish's APS-36 Sentinel is going to be nerfed in Season 5

"Inside Battlefield", a podcast run by DICE (the development team behind Battlefield 2042) posted an episode yesterday providing more details about upcoming changes in Season 5 for Battlefield 2042. This time, they discussed upcoming changes to the camera as well as the two specialists, Irish and Dozer.

The developers felt that compared to previous Battlefield games, the camera motion seemed a bit "flat" in Battlefield 2042 so in order to make it more immersive and realistic, there will now be more camera motion while you sprint. For those that are happy with the way things are currently, they don't need to worry since DICE says there will be an option to revert the settings back to the original via the Options menu.

DICE felt that Irish's APS-36 Sentinel device was a bit overpowered in certain situations and consequently it's receiving a nerf in the next season. The device will now go through phases meaning there are periods of time when the protection isn't active. Setting up the Sentinel will require you to wait for the bootup phase and the target acquisition phase before it finally shoots down incoming projectiles for 5 seconds. After its defense phase the Sentinel goes through a cooldown phase of 7.5 seconds. There are also audio and visual cues to let you know what the Sentinel is doing with a flashing white light indicating it's booting up, a solid green light indicating it's searching for targets and a green flashing light when it's intercepting projectiles.

For those going up against Sentinels, the interception animation is now brighter making it more obvious when projectiles/grenades are intercepted. Also, there will be new counters to the Sentinel including EMP grenades, C5 and tank shells.

Conversely, DICE felt Dozer required a bit of a buff, especially considering he rarely gets picked as a specialist. While his ability to deflect bullets have been nerfed due to the increase in bullet dispersion and spread, he’s now able to use the shield on the zipline. He will also be able to strafe and run a bit faster, and he will also have a better field of view making it easier to anticipate flanking maneuvers. Combine all of these with better audio cues when "tanking" bullets and Dozer should be an easier specialist to play than the current iteration.

DICE are also going to incentivise players to pick Dozer, since you will now gain kill assist XP each time a bullet that deflects off your shield, hits an enemy killed by a teammate. You will also gain Distraction Assists by simply blocking bullets with your shield.

So, what do you think about the upcoming changes? Do you think you will be more willing to play Dozer? Do you think the changes to Irish's Sentinel will make games less or more frustrating?