Season 5 to See Return of Squad Management and Squad Orders to Battlefield 2042

Screenshot of Dozer on the Main Menu Screen in Battlefield 2042 Season 4
In Season 5, you'll have your whole party on this screen

"Inside Battlefield", a podcast that is run by DICE, the development team behind Battlefield 2042 posted an episode yesterday providing more information on what to expect in Season 5 and have confirmed that squad management and squad orders are making a return to the franchise.

In terms of squad management (coming in Season 5), the following has been confirmed:
  • The ability to create your own squads
  • The ability to join other squads and see if friends are in the other squads
  • The ability to see which classes have been chosen within a squad
  • Squads will have names that fit with the in-game universe (e.g. Nightstalker, Gravedigger, Blackjack, etc.)
  • Squad leaders will have a custom icon they can pick for the squad and this will display next to the squad's name
In terms of squad orders (coming later in Season 5), the following has been confirmed:
  • When a squad leader gives an order (e.g. a defend order) everyone will get extra squad order xp for completing them
  • When squadmates complete actions in the vicinity of a point related to the squad order, such as kills, revives, etc. they will get bonus squad order XP

Also mentioned on the podcast was the fact that partying up with a friend will now show your friend next to your character on the main menu screen prior to entering the game. However, you can apparently turn this feature off if you don't like your mates stealing your thunder!

While most of what has been mentioned already existed in some form in previous Battlefield games, it's welcome news to hear they're making a return. It also means that my habit of constantly issuing squad orders will finally reward some XP like the good ol' days!

What do you think about the upcoming changes in Season 5?