Fans Hopeful for New Sierra Games with Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Screenshot from 2015 King's Quest
Could new Sierra games be a possibility?

Microsoft has recently acquired game publisher Activision Blizzard for a huge sum of $96 billion AUD. Comments from the gaming development world have been mixed ranging to some joking why Microsoft hasn't bought out their indie development studio to anger over Bobby Kotick getting a very generous golden handshake despite knowing about the sexual misconduct allegations plaguing Activision Blizzard.

But Sierra fans are now hopeful that something could be done with the Sierra IP as Activision are the ones who currently hold it and this has since been acquired by Microsoft. Back in 2014, Activision made the big announcement of resurrecting the Sierra brand. While a few games were published under this new publishing arm of Activision such as Geometry Wars 3 and, most importantly, 2015's King's Quest by The Odd Gentlemen, sadly it seems they ran out of steam and nothing further was published. Considering Activision sat on their thumbs for many years and never did anything with the Sierra IP, the recent acquisition by Microsoft is seen as an opportune time for the IP to be reviewed and maybe even new Sierra games developed. Rudy Marchant from Sierra fan site, The Sierra Chest, reports that Ken Williams had this to say about the acquisition:

In a perfect world, someone from Microsoft will call and say, "We just bought Activision and they own all of this old Sierra intellectual property. Would you please build us a King's Quest 9?" ... I don't know what I'd say .. but, it would be SO much fun to bring back some of those old series, with or without us. And, some like Ecoquest, Dr Brain, Incredible Machine -- all of those SHOULD be brought back...
- Ken Williams

Well one can dream, right? How about you? What do you think about the acquisition and are do you think Microsoft will look at publishing some new Sierra games or will they just be like Activision and sit on their thumbs?


  1. They will repackage the old games and sell them with MS-DOS 6 to run it on, instead of


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