Activision teases potential rebirth of Sierra brand

The 2014 Sierra logo. I kind of preferred the old one.

Several hours ago, Activision gave their strongest indication yet that there may be a rebirth of the Sierra brand. Thanks to this website going on-line and the following video being posted:

It seems that there is going to be a big announcement involving the brand at the upcoming Gamescom expo. What is actually going to be announced is anyone's guess but it's definitely something to get excited about considering Sierra were the developers and publishers of many well loved franchises including all the Quest games (e.g. King's Quest, Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Police Quest, etc.), Half-Life, Homeworld, Caesar, Lords of the Realm and No One Lives Forever.

So far I haven't seen any word from most of the original Sierra developers (such as Ken Williams, Roberta Williams, the Coles, Al Lowe and Jim Walls) with respect to the news although the Guys from Andromeda (developers of the Space Quest series and currently working on SpaceVenture) had this to say:

The Two Guys are not affiliated with the rebirth of the Sierra brand; they have their own company, Guys From Andromeda LLC

They were hopeful however that this new Sierra would retain the same focus as the old one they used to work for:

We can only hope that the new Sierra turns out to be Activision's new adventure game development branch and that they hire a bunch of talented new individuals that'll start cranking out fantastic story-driven games that will delight a whole new generation of adventure game fans. Or, at the very least, get Half-Life 3 confirmed or something. I hear that's big among some people.

A link to the news also appeared on Jane Jensen's Facebook page with the comment:

This is amazingly awesome. I don't really know much about it but I can say I'm not surprised! Very excited though.

While I'm excited by the fact that Activision is resurrecting a well respected brand, I can't help but feel apprehensive at the same time.

Firstly, there's a couple of the original developers that had no idea this was coming. This means there hasn't been any thought given into including them in any future developments for the brand. That could just mean they haven't thought that far ahead yet or it could mean they're not focusing on the old Sierra point 'n' click adventure games again; That could be a good and bad thing. Good because if you see the track record of reboots, remakes and sequels of old franchises, they usually fall flat on their face. However, it could be bad since it would mean no chance of new point 'n' click adventures, potentially with input from the original Sierra developers.

So any guesses on what the new games might be called? How about Call of Daventry: Magical Warfare or Quest of Duty III: Wages of War? Surely they could work...

Here's a cover I prepared earlier with my awesome MS Paint erm Photoshopping skillz!

You know you want it

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