Choicest VGM - VGM #457 - Battlefield 2 - China Loading Theme

Battlefield 2 logo

Soundtrack composed by Fredrik Englund, David Tallroth and Jonas Ostholm

"Loading geometries 62%"

Battlefield 2 doesn't really have much in the way of music, and it's not like you really needed it since back in the old days of Battlefield, the game was truly a multiplayer focused experience. However, sometimes if you were loading a map for the first time (especially after changing your graphics settings) you'd often get a progress bar indicating it was "loading geometries" along with some map loading music. For Battlefield 2 players, these themes would be ingrained in our memories and with the base game you would get one of two choices, depending on which side was the opposing force: China's loading music or the MEC's

China makes a return as a side you can play in Battlefield 4 and not only that but the old BF2 map Dragon Valley was remade especially for the game. But you know what the icing on the cake was? They actually even remixed this very theme you're listening to just for nostalgia's sake. Now that's commitment!