Phoenix Point signs 1 year exclusivity deal with Epic; Backers ask for refunds

Phoenix Point, a game currently in development by Snapshot Games, promises to be the true spiritual successor to the X-COM games and with Julian Gollop at the helm, there's a very good chance of that happening. The game is set for release this year and has featured in the #1 spot on the 10 Most Anticipated PC Games List for 2019. However, some recent news have backers of the game planning to ask for a full refund as Phoenix Point is no longer going to be available first on Steam or GOG (as originally planned) but will be available on the Epic Games Store only for the first year after its release. After this first year though, it will be available to backers on Steam and GOG (so they'll get both a key for the Epic Games Store and a key for Steam/GOG).

Julian Gollop, CEO of Snapshot Games, has claimed that signing the deal with Epic was the best move for the company and it also means that free DLC will be provided to backers during the one year they have the exclusivity deal with Epic. He has acknowledged that some backers might not be happy with the news and are entitled to ask for a full refund over the next month.

Backers have left scathing comments on the YouTube video where Gollop explains what is happening, with the video receiving over 2,000 downvotes compared to 240 upvotes as I type this article. The backers have also gone to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Reasons have ranged from Snapshot Games not honouring their original agreement, to claims of Snapshot Games engaging in anti-competitive practices, to players who simply prefer to have all of their games on one platform.

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