Alternate 1990s web simulator Hypnospace Outlaw to be released in 2 days

Screenshot from Hypnospace Outlaw
Hypnospace Outlaw will be out in less than 2 days

Hypnospace Outlaw is a hard game to describe: it's apparently a game where you play the role of an "Enforcer" in an alternate history version of the 1990s where you can access "Hypnospace", which is basically surfing Web 1.0 while you're asleep. Enforcers are volunteer moderators that scour Hypnospace for wrongdoers and they apparently do other mundane tasks like checking your inbox doesn't succumb to viruses and adware as well as downloading apps that may help or hinder you.

Anyway, the game sounds so wacky and unique that I backed it when it originally came out on Kickstarter and featured on our 10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2019 list too. Soon, the wait will be finally over as the game is set for a Steam and GOG release on the 12th March!

Considering all the 1990s nostalgia that the movie "Captain Marvel" has generated, now is as good a time as any for Hypnospace Outlaw to enter the scene and I can't want to give it a whirl.

[ LINK: Hypnospace Outlaw Official Website ]