10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2019 - #9 Hypnospace Outlaw

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Web 1.0 continued its course and somehow you could surf the Internet while you slept? Well, wonder no longer since that's exactly what Hypnospace Outlaw has to offer… at least, I think that's what it's about… now where did that presskit go… ah here we go, you apparently play the role of an "Enforcer", a volunteer moderator who scours Hypnospace for wrongdoers while also keeping an eye on your inbox so you don't succumb to viruses and adware. You can also download a bunch of apps which may or may not be useful. So that's the game in a nutshell and if you visit the official website (which also looks like it belongs back in the 90s) you can find out more.

The main designer behind the whole game is Jay Tholen, who developed the critically acclaimed point ‘n' click adventure Dropsy with a Metascore of 80 on Metacritic and with 94% of the 802 reviews on Steam being positive (giving it a rating of "Very Positive"). I'm ashamed to say, I still haven't finished Dropsy yet (sorry Jay) but what I did experience was promising, and I'm not surprised it rated as well as it did; I suspect Hypnospace Outlaw will be just as good if not better and it'll be nostalgia overload for someone like me who dabbled around with websites on Geocities back in the day...

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Q1 2019

[ LINK: Hypnospace Outlaw Official Website ]