Happy New Year!

Graphic showing the year 2019
Happy New Year everyone!

It's that time of the year again... the beginning of the year that is. Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year! Choicest Games has made it to 2019, and despite last year being the 10th anniversary for the blog, I completely forgot to do something on the 16th June D:. So EPIC FAIL in that regard.

As it was with previous years, last year, I made some blog-specific new year resolutions in terms of what I was planning to achieve for 2018. But first, let us see what was actually achieved in 2018 along with some of the other highlights:
  • 202 posts were published in 2018 which is more than 2017 (161 posts) and 2016 (185 posts). It's not as many as 2015 (232 posts) but hey, at least I've made a slight improvement (at least with respect to quantity, not so sure about the quality side ;)). This year I published 52 reviews which means I published more reviews than 2017 (42) but not as many as 2016 (54).
  • I added themed lists to the Choicest Games Steam Curator Page
  • I've continued with the Pile of Shame Sunday posts and so far 56 games have been crossed off the Pile of Shame list. Since the list has unfortunately expanded by 122 games, this means I'm basically going backwards! Currently I'm at 5% of games having been crossed off the Pile of Shame
  • The annual 10 Most Anticipated PC Games list was completed for 2019

This year it seems I've managed to complete 3 out of 5 of my new year resolutions: I managed to complete 52 reviews in 2018 (literally in the eleventh hour, mind you), I published a Most Anticipated PC Games List of 2019 (with the help of Lanna) and I continued my weekly VGM Monday and Pile of Shame Sunday segments.

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to doing a feature article this year. I actually started work on one with Luke, Choona and Lanna but alas, it was never completed. I think it's still a resolution worth making so I'll try again this year. Also, despite me feeling like I am continuing to enact "austerity" measures on my games libraries (mainly Steam on GOG) I keep getting freebies and I still partake in the sales every so often (especially during my birthday and Christmas).

So what are my resolutions going to be for 2019? Well, they're going to be a lot similar:
  • To again aim for 52 reviews in 2019
  • To continue "austerity" measures on my Steam library
  • To continue the Most Anticipated PC Games List for 2020
  • To continue with my weekly segments: VGM Monday and Pile of Shame Sunday
  • To complete a feature article for this year (e.g. a Top 10 list, Top 100 list, etc.) - we haven't had one for a while!