Themed Lists added to Steam Curator Page

Screenshot of Choicest Games Steam Curator Page
Games, glorious games!

A neat feature that has been recently introduced to Steam Curator Pages is the ability to create lists of games that you've reviewed.

I've taken this opportunity to create lists based on four themes or categories (but I'll probably add more in the future); they are:

  • Lists based on score
  • Lists based on genre
  • Lists based on Australian Classification rating
  • Lists based on developer

Below are the lists I've currently compiled but there are more to come, especially with respect to genres. I'm also thinking of doing some composer-related lists, such as a list of games reviewed by Choicest Games that have soundtracks by Jeremy Soule.

Score-based Lists

Choicest Games - 9/10s

Genre-based Lists

Artillery Games
Board Games
City Builders
Point 'n' Click Adventure
Real-Time Strategy
Turn-based Strategy
Turn-based Tactics
Visual Novels

Australian Classification-based Lists

G-Rated Games
PG-Rated Games
M-Rated Games
MA-Rated Games
R-Rated Games

Developer-based Lists

Games with "Sid Meier" in the name

I'm by no means finished but I thought I'd let everybody know. You can either access the list of lists on the Steam Discussions Page or on the Steam Curator Lists Page.

So if you're looking for a game that's family-friendly, or one that matches your favourite genre or a game created by your favourite developer, why not peruse the lists?