Command & Conquer Remastered to use Petroglyph's GlyphX Engine

Screenshot from 8-Bit Armies
8-Bit Armies is one game by Petroglyph that uses the GlyphX engine.

A couple of months ago, I reported that EA was partnering with Petroglyph in remastering Command & Conquer.

There have been more updates since then including today's news that the game will (not surprisingly) be based off Petroglyph's current engine called GlyphX. The GlyphX engine has been used on Petroglyph's sci-fi RTS Grey Goo as well as all of their 8-Bit series of games, so it's definitely been tried and tested. The developers say they also have access to the original source code which means the game will be as similar as possible to the original games (at least in terms of mechanics), although EA Producer Jim Vessella did comment that

"…there are many areas where the original source code just cannot deliver the quality or functionality we're looking for in many of the supporting elements."

In terms of where they are at in the project, it's still very much in pre-production. The C&C Remastered team has drafted a whole bunch of plans and are going to start working on a playable prototype next to help validate their initial concepts.

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