A Simple Refrain: Piano album with Gabriel Knight Themes to be released soon

Potential album cover for A Simple Refrain
Will this be the album cover of "A Simple Refrain"?

Robert Holmes, composer of the music to the classic Sierra adventure series Gabriel Knight (which was created by his wife, Jane Jensen) has been collaborating with Roger Hooper (a pianist/composer that has been quite prolific in composing music for film and TV) on a new album: the album is called "A Simple Refrain" and will feature solo piano reinterpretations (performed by Hooper) of PC game music originally composed by Holmes from games like Gabriel Knight, Gray Matter and Moebius: Empire Rising.

Here is the planned track list that is going to be on the album:

Grace's Theme (Gabriel Knight 2)
Ludwig (Gabriel Knight 2)
Gabriel Knight Main Theme (Gabriel Knight 1)
Bianca (Moebius: Empire Rising)
Gabriel Knight 3 Main Theme (Gabriel Knight 3)
The Daedalus Club (Gray Matter)
Grandma Knight (Gabriel Knight 1)
Super (Gabriel Knight 2)
Cairo Slow (Moebius: Empire Rising)
Epilogue (Gabriel Knight 2)
Rector Antiques (Moebius: Empire Rising)

Recording of tracks is now complete and the duo are mixing and mastering for release in early 2019. Currently, they'd like to gauge the amount of interest there is for physical CDs (and if anyone is interested, they're urged to email them at robert@asimplerefrain.com).

I'm obviously quite excited by the prospect, as I've played many of the games that feature on this album and I definitely rate Robert Holmes as a composer (the Gabriel Knight theme is a favourite of mine and I'm sure it is with many Sierra fans).

[ Official website for A Simple Refrain ]