10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2019 - #4 Twin Mirror

Screencap from Twin Mirror trailer
Twin Mirror is set in West Virginia

With Telltale Games all but gone (besides completing The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix) there's only DONTNOD Entertainment left to carry the cinematic adventure games torch. They've already released the sequel to their best-selling 2015 game, Life is Strange, and now they're promising a new adventure game in 2019 called Twin Mirror (although this game is going to be published by Bandai Namco instead of Square Enix, who is the publisher for Life is Strange).

In Twin Mirror you play the role of an investigative journalist called Sam who returns to his hometown in West Virginia. Apparently, talking to people is purely optional and also based on the state of the investigation. The game has multiple endings to unlock and the player can navigate between the real world and Sam's "Mind Palace".

The most exciting bit of news I read about the game though was that the lead writer Matthew Ritter (who contributed to the story of Tales from the Borderlands) was influenced by adventure games like Beneath a Steel Sky and Space Quest... so I wonder if we'll get to see any wisecracking robots or Monolith Burger outlets? One can only hope... 😉

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