10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2016

Well it's now December so it's time to look towards next year to see what PC games the contributors at Choicest Games are most excited about. Just like last year, I've managed to get Choona and Luke to help me with the voting, but I've also managed to get my wife, Lanna, in on the voting too, meaning there are four judges this year instead of three.

The Judges

Mark G
Mark founded the blog Choicest Games in 2008 and has been playing PC games since the 1980s. He has an eclectic taste in games but his favourite genres include point 'n' click adventures, First Person Shooters and almost anything to do with sci-fi. He is also leader of the social guild/clan Gamers of Choice.

Lanna is Mark G’s wife and being the supportive wife that she is has contributed reviews and her input on the running of the blog. While she did play a lot of older PC games when younger, she’s only a recent convert to modern PC gaming thanks mainly to her husband’s influence ("Sorry!" – Mark G). Lanna enjoys puzzle games, the Battlefield series and Civilization. She was also at one stage world champion at Everyday Genius Squarelogic.

Choona is a contributor for Choicest Games and has been playing PC games since the late 1980s. Choona enjoys playing basketball games, First Person Shooters and MMORPGs.

Luke is another contributor for Choicest Games and has been playing PC games since the 1990s. Luke mainly enjoys Real-Time Strategy games, First Person Shooters and RPGs.

How the list was made

An arbitrary list of 67 games was compiled through a combination of me scouring the Internet for exciting PC titles coming out next year as well as any the contributors could find as well. Scoring was slightly different this year since instead of a binary system like I used last year (where 0 meant you were not interested in a game and 1 meant you were interested in it) the contributors were given a choice of three potential scores:

0 = Not interested in the game at all
1 = Slightly interested. Keeping my eyes on it and/or will buy it if there's nothing better to get
2 = Must-buy. I will buy it on release or I've already pre-ordered it.

Contributors were asked to assign a 0, 1 or 2 to each of the games on the list. I would then count up the total score and then sort the list by score in descending order. Like last year, the number one spot was an easy one since it was a clear favourite amongst all the judges. Also like last year, there were games that received the same score and some had to be cut from the top 10 list. The ones I kept in were ones that I deemed also popular by the gaming community and press.

Two games on this list appeared last year (so they're ones that are obviously delayed) and two of the games on the list started off as Kickstarter projects.

So without further ado, let's get down to business, to defeat, the Huns… er I mean run through the 10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2016 as voted by Choicest Games (they will be revealed over the coming days)!

  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda
  2. XCOM 2
  3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  4. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
  5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  6. The Mandate
  7. Tom Clancy's The Division
  8. Mafia III
  9. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
  10. Homefront: The Revolution

Other games we're keeping our eyes on: