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Hi there! If this is your first time at Choicest Games, you might be wondering, what makes this PC gaming blog so much different to millions of other blogs out there? Well here's 5 points that I think make Choicest Games stand out from the crowd:

1. We let you know if we finish the games that we review

At Choicest Games, we try our best to complete the review within a considerable timeframe, at least five hours. Nothing ruins a game like a sloppy ending and we see this happen all the time with games. In an ideal world, we would have time to review every game out there but this is not feasible for some genres such as open world games or MMOs, so a limit of five hours needs to be placed to ensure there is enough time to actually left to review the game as well.

If we were unable to complete a game due to either time constraints, showstopper bugs or the game truly is a pair of dingo's kidneys, we'll make sure you know.

2. We like to give both AAA and Indies a chance

We tend to review AAA games, indie games and everything in between, to ensure you have a breadth of games to read about. Some of the best games in recent years are indie games which tend to promote computer games as an art or experiment with the medium in new and creative ways. Our Anticipated PC Games Lists demonstrate our commitment to this as they often feature a mix of AAA and indie titles.

3. We don't just do game reviews

We do lots of other features including your typical Top 10 lists, and your not so usual stuff like retro game reviews and Video Game Music (VGM) articles.

4. Our reviews are independent

We don't get any special incentives by publishers or other external companies when writing our reviews. This means we give you our fair dinkum opinion on a game. No B.S.

Occasionally we may receive review keys from developers but we will let you know in the review whenever that is the case.

5. We have decades of gaming experience

We've been playing hundreds of games since the 1980s so we have quite a bit of experience when it comes to gaming history and the industry in general.

For the loyal readers that have been following this blog from the beginning, you may have noticed that this "About" Page is different to the original. This "About" Page was updated on 2nd January 2024. If you want to refer to the original, you can check it out here