Stray Gods Release Date Delayed to 10th August

Screenshot of Stray Gods The Roleplaying Musical
Not long to go now

Summerfall Studios, the team behind "adventure musical" Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical (formerly known as Chorus) is delaying the release of their game by a week for a couple of reasons: firstly, Baldur's Gate III is set to leave Early Access on the 3rd August and they wanted to give their fans "room to celebrate Stray Gods". To me, this translates to not wanting to compete with the release of a hotly anticipated title like Baldur's Gate III which totally makes sound business sense. Secondly, the team thinks an extra week of polish will help the game in the long-run especially in preparing the game for multiple platforms.

Stray Gods secured a publishing deal with Humble Games in 2022 and Summerfall Studios comprises of a team of veterans including the likes of Dragon Age writer David Gaider and composer Austin Wintory. The game also has a huge and accomplished voice cast including (but definitely not limited to) Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Kimberley Brooks and Anthony Rapp (I'm most excited about Rapp's inclusion, probably because I've been watching "Star Trek: Discovery" recently)!

Are you looking forward to the release of Stray Gods? The full email sent by Summerfall Studios is below.

Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe that Stray Gods - the game that you all have supported these past 4 years - will be out in the world in less than a month!

We’re counting the days and we know you are too, but we need to make a slight adjustment to the calendar: We’re moving our launch date to August 10th, 2023.

We want everyone to have ample space to check out Stray Gods when it launches. Baldur’s Gate 3 is hotly anticipated (by us, too!) and we want to give our fans room to celebrate Stray Gods.

We also want players to have the best experience at launch, no matter how they choose to play. Releasing on all these platforms is a huge undertaking for any team, let alone an indie shipping its first title. This extra week allows us to have performance parity as close as possible - across every platform.

We know you’re eager to have the game in your hands and that an extra week makes that wait a little longer, but we know we have you in our corner and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

We're so excited to share Stray Gods with you and we hope you'll join us on August 10th to play and celebrate this game we've poured so much love into.

Summerfall Studios