Retro Dungeon Builder Game Quest Master to be Published by Apogee

Screenshot from Quest Master
You have quite a bit of tools available in creating your very own dungeon

To be perfectly honest, I would've totally missed this game if it weren't for the Dopefish appearing in a thumbnail for one of the trailer videos. And there's a perfectly logical reason for this as despite this game being the creation of Skydevilpalm, a Las Vegas studio that specialises in pixelart games, the game is being published by Apogee. You know, those guys that brought to us the likes of Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Wacky Wheels, Rised of the Triad, etc. (although technically, the orginally Apogee is now known as 3D Realms) Good times.

Anyway, what is this game that Apogee is publishing? Well, it looks like a retro dungeon builder game called Quest Master and it's coming soon to Steam. Watching the trailer, it looks like a mix of JRPGs of the early 90s mixed with Dungeon Keeper, a 1997 game by Bullfrog where you got to design your own dungeons for hapless heroes to perish in. What seems particularly cool about this game is that you can create events in your dungeon based on particular triggers not to mention the ability to "provide instructions for the quest ahead or design an epic narrative full of placeable NPCs and customizable signs with a plethora of dialogue options". Once you've created these adventures, you can share them with others online and best of all, you can play through the dungeons in 4-player co-op.

If this sounds like the sort of game you'd be interested in, it's currently available for wishlisting on Steam.