Party Animals to Release 20th September

Screenshot of animals fighting on a submarine in Party Animals
Getting strong Dr Strangelove vibes right about now

Physics-based party game Party Animals now has a release date of 20th September this year. In the game you can choose to play as one of several cute animals that duke it out in various arenas with a bomber and nuclear submarine among the most outrageous inclusions. There will be a battle royale mode as well as a team-focused mode and you'll be able to use weapons such as baseball bats, mallets, frying pans and plungers. Since this is a physics-based game though, half the challenge is going to be controlling your character and even attempting to take a swipe at your opponents. It actually reminds me of what made Human Fall Flat most entertaining for my kids: the times they kept trolling me instead of actually solving puzzles. Chinese developer Recreate Games may be on to a winner, as kids and adults alike can appreciate a bit of slapstick comedy.

For those that are interested, the game is available for wishlisting on Steam.