ScreenWest Provides Funding for 13 New Western Australian Games

Screenshot from Misc. A Tiny Tale
A 3D platformer called Misc. A Tiny Tale is being developed here in Western Australia

ScreenWest, a government-funded organisation that supports the Western Australian film, television and games industry has recently provided funding for the development of 13 new Western Australian games through the Digital Games Production Fund which was launched in December 2022. These games are at various stages of development with some in pre-production, some in production and even one in post-production. The games also cover a variety of genres and you can check out the full list here.

Here are just three of the PC games that have piqued my interest below. The ones that are already on Steam have been wishlisted!

These Starless Skies

In this cinematic 2.5D adventure game, you learn the stories about a dysfunctional team of planetary scientists as they orbit a tidally-locked planet. I love 2D point ‘n' click adventures and sci-fi so it seems These Starless Skies will be right up my alley.

Screenshot from These Starless Skies

Misc. A Tiny Tale

This game already has a presence on Steam and even has a demo you can try out. The game seems to be a cute 3D platformer where you play as a robot and looks suitable for kids (so maybe one for my own kids to try out)!

Omi Oh My AI

I don't know why I haven't already tried this game since some claim it's a perfect fit for Hypnospace Outlaw fans (one of my favourite games from 2019!). Looking at the screenshots it definitely has that 1990s Windows 95 vibe which is something I dig. The game apparently has you solving over 100 CAPTCHA-inspired puzzles and is currently in Early Access on Steam.

Do any of these games take your fancy? Do you believe that ScreenWest should continue to provide funding in the future for Western Australian game developers?