Weekly Round-Up Wednesday - 22nd March 2023

Screenshot of Hero-U in Summer Daze: Tilly's Tale
I just finished a new game. It's called Summer Daze: Tilly's Tale

The following post is part of a series of posts that are published every Wednesday to update readers on what I've been playing during the week (this also includes games on my "Pile of Shame"). The games to target are picked by Choicest Games contributors Choona, Luke and myself. As I'll be talking about my progress through these games, there may be spoilers ahead, especially for games containing a narrative. Consider yourself warned.

Escape from Monkey Island

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 50%

Through perseverance I've managed to get a little bit further in Escape from Monkey Island. After solving the rocks rolling through tunnels puzzle, I managed to find a way to get across the lava near the Church of LeChuck and eventually met up with a band of monkeys that have occupied the old cannibal village.

Battlefield 2042

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 100%

Been slowly unlocking stuff for Season 4. Not really much else to say except that Battlefield 2042 for the first time in a long time is again the most played Battlefield game on the Steam charts at 67th place with almost 20,000 players (it's even overtaken Battlefield V). It's a good sign for the franchise.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 100%

I played Civ VI again recently and played as Norway. While their naval related benefits are great, I was unable to take advantage of the ability to perform coastal raids with the longships… there were simply no coastal targets! I then tried playing the game as the Maori and while they obviously get a huge head start with respect to sailing technology I had a really hard time getting rid of barbarians, to the point I missed out on founding a religion and shortly after, I abandoned the game. I know you don't need a religion to win the game but it helps prevent the AI from winning a religious victory when you have your own. Attempting to ensure one religion doesn't become too dominant over the rest is a headache and would usually mean war is the only option.

Hogwarts Legacy

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 69%

Lo and behold! Attending Astronomy class has unleashed yet even more quests I can do around the countryside, so this game still remains a lot like Far Cry but instead of guns you use a wand and magic. A lot of the dots are now being joined in terms of what is occuring in the game in the present day and what happened in the distant past. I've been playing the game for quite some time now and despite my Percentage Complete showing 69%, the game reckons I've only completed 35% of the Challenges.

Summer Daze: Tilly's Tale

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 100%

Backers now have access to Summer Daze: Tilly's Tale, the latest game from the creators of the Quest for Glory series, Lori and Corey Cole. I've already finished the game since it only takes about 1.5 hours for one playthrough so the game is really short but has different paths you can take to achieve the same objective (meaning you won't get the same experience twice). Speaking of Achievements, it's unfortunate there aren't any Steam Achievements since I think that could work well with exploring what narrative paths to take.

The game is basically a visual novel set in the world of Gloriana and while I experienced some bugs with the interface (i.e. buttons occasionally disappearing) the game has a lot of things going for it especially if you're a Quest for Glory fan as many of the places that are referenced are from previous games. The voice acting is also top notch.

LINK: [ The Pile of Shame ]