Next Battlefield 2042 Update to Bring Nerf to IBA Plate; Buff to Recon Drone

Promo Image of Leviathan event in Battlefield 2042

A new update for Battlefield 2042, Update 4.1.0, will be released next week and introduces some bug fixes as well as gameplay improvements.

The biggest news for me are the introduction of three new Portal weapons: the AEK-971, RPK-74M and MP-443. Since I tend to roleplay the characters in my Battlefield games, I try my best to use authentic weapons for each of the specialists - the RPK-74M and MP-443 are standard issue weapons with the Russian Ground Forces so I'll be unlocking them for Boris to use once the patch drops.

Some of the more interesting changes includes a nerf to the IBA Armour Plate which now only applies to the torso instead of the entire body (which makes sense when you think about it). The game will also now reward Object Fortified XP for anyone placing gadgets such as ammo crates and mines in an objective area and Objective Revive XP for those who revive teammates in an objective area on Breakthrough (I'm guessing there's still not enough medics doing their job, so here's an extra carrot). Casper's OV-P Recon Drone will get a buff and will now deal damage to Claymores, C5, Anti-Tank Grenades and Proximity Sensors. They will also be able to EMP the EBLC-Ram's deployable spawn beacons. Irish's APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel will get a minor buff in that it will be able to intercept crossbow explosive bolts.

There are many more gameplay improvements, specialist improvements and audio fixes that aren't listed here so if you're interested to see what's coming, check out this post.