Lego 2K Drive to Release in May

Promotional image showing Lego vehicles in Bricklandia from Lego 2K Drive

2K have just announced that a new racing game will be released on the 19th May called Lego 2K Drive. As the name of the game suggests, you will be driving cars in an open world made out of virtual Lego called Bricklandia. The game looks like a combination of open world driving games such as Need for Speed and arcade racers with transformable vehicles such as Mario Kart or Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. The game promises to feature local multiplayer and online multiplayer modes. The developer, Visual Concepts, usually work on the 2K sports titles such as WWE wrestling games and the NBA basketball games, so I'm curious to see how they go about developing a game in a totally different genre.

The best part of the game by far looks like the amount of customisation options you have in building your vehicle. It looks like you'll get just as much freedom as you do in real life when constructing a car out of Lego (which is a good thing - prepare to be transported back to your childhood)! The standard edition of the game currently costs $89.95 AUD on Steam with the Awesome Edition costing $149.95 and the Awesome Rivals Edition costing $179.95 (both Awesome editions come with a season pass for a year and bonus cosmetics but the Awesome Rivals Edition has slightly more).