Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's that time of the year again... the beginning of the year that is. Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year! Choicest Games has made it to 2023, despite being even busier than the year before (which I thought would be impossible, so I'm consistently overestimating how time consuming taking care of three kids can be).

As it was with previous years, last year, I made some blog-specific new year resolutions in terms of what I was planning to achieve for 2022. But first, let us see what was actually achieved in 2022 along with some of the other highlights:
  • I only published 86 posts in 2021 which is the lowest number of posts in many years. I also only published 16 reviews in 2021 where I've originally posted more than 40 reviews a year. This year there was a slight improvement in the number of posts: it's by two measly posts but hey, an improvement is an improvement, as in 2022 I managed to publish 88 posts. I also managed to post 20 reviews in 2022 which is better than 2021, but I was still hoping to have posted 24 reviews in total.
  • I've continued with the Pile of Shame Sunday posts (which are now known as Weekly Round-Up Wednesday) and so far 142 games have been crossed off the Pile of Shame list. This means that I'm currently at 10.7% of games having been crossed off the Pile of Shame, which is an extremely slight improvement, but not helped by the fact the number of games on the Pile of Shame has increased to 1321! It's also because many of the reviews I completed in 2022 were actually games released the same year which means I rarely had the opportunity to finish old games sitting on the list.
  • The annual 10 Most Anticipated PC Games list was completed for 2023 and I again created a PC Game Music Covers and Remixes post.

This year it seems I've managed to complete 3 out of 4 of my new year resolutions: I completed a Top 10 list last year, I published a Most Anticipated PC Games List of 2023 (with the help of Lanna) and I continued my weekly Pile of Shame Sunday segments (or at least, their equivalent).

I failed in reaching the modest goal of 24 reviews this year (two reviews per month). I missed it by 4 reviews. So, I'm planning to keep my goal at 24 reviews since I think it's still a reasonable one. If I can get it to more than that I may consider bumping up to my previous goal of 26 reviews per year.

So what are my resolutions going to be for 2023?
  • To aim for 24 reviews in 2023 (or two per month)
  • To continue the Most Anticipated PC Games List for 2024
  • To continue with my Weekly Round-Up Wednesday posts (formerly known as Pile of Shame Sunday)
  • To complete a feature article for this year (e.g. a Top 10 list, Top 100 list, etc.)