SpaceVenture Gets a Release Date

Photo of DVD case backer item for SpaceVenture
Some backers will eventually receive physical items like above

Could it be? Could the wait finally be over? Saying that Space Quest fans have been waiting a long time for the next game by the Guys from Andromeda (Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy) would be an understatement, considering the game was initially expected to release almost a decade ago, but they have now committed to a release date and it's the 16th September, which suspiciously is only a few days before Return to Monkey Island is set to release, a franchise that used to compete with the likes of Sierra and their "Quest" adventure games.

Only the Windows version of the game will be released at this stage and it will be on Steam. The Macintosh, Linux and mobile versions that were originally meant to be released at the same time will now be released at a later date.

I'm glad that the game is finally going to see the light of day. How about you? Are you a backer of the project? And if you're not, and happen to be a fan of Space Quest, are you planning to buy this game?