Pentiment, a Medieval Adventure By Obsidian to be Released in November

Screenshot of Pentiment
I love the art style in this game

Obsidian Entertainment are well known as a developer for deep and meaningful CRPGs, but it's not often you hear them dabbling in the world of purely narrative-focused games or adventure games. And yet, that seems to be what Pentiment is, an adventure game set in medieval times and is presented from the perspective of someone reading a book from the period. The animations in this game are gorgeous so I recommend you check out the video.

Pentiment is set over 25 years in 16th century Germany where a series of murders take place at an Abbey. Your character has to solve this murder mystery but apparently each decision you make has consequences that brings you closer to the "centre of an underlying conspiracy". So not only does it look great but the plot sounds intriguing too. It's definitely one I'll be wishlisting.

The game is set for release in November this year. You can already pre-purchase the game for $30 AUD on Steam.