Horizon Chase 2 Releases on 9th September

Screencap from Horizon Chase 2 trailer
Do you once again feel the need for speed?

Well, this has come seemingly out of nowhere but the sequel to one of the highest rated games on this blog, Horizon Chase, is receiving a sequel and it's going to be released in a matter of days on Apple devices (9th September). PC gamers (such as yours truly) won't miss out though as it's forecast to be released next year (although considering Aquiris secured a publishing deal with Epic Games on 13th April, maybe it's going to be an Epic exclusive? I don't see a Steam store page for the game which makes me suspicious).

Having a look at the trailer, the game definitely has more detailed and realistic graphics than the original Horizon Chase, but I'm a bit ambivalent about this decision since I'm not sure if it'll take too much away from its retro arcade racer aesthetic. What is welcome, however, is that veteran video game composer Barry Leitch will return to score the soundtrack and I can't wait to hear what he has in store for this title.

Screencap from Horizon Chase 2 trailer
Horizon Chase 2 seems to have more customisation options on offer

A new feature that I find welcome are extra customisation options. In the original Horizon Chase, you were able to change the skins for your vehicles but that was as far as cosmetics went. In Horizon Chase 2, not only are you able to give your car a new paint job but it looks like you'll be able to change the rims along with other body customisation features.

The game apparently promises online multiplayer too, so I'm guessing that will mean the game isn't just intended for couch co-op anymore although I'm hoping that will still remain in the game (since it would be the main reason motivating me to buy the game).

So, what do you think? Are you excited for the sequel to Horizon Chase?