Games Bundle Raises Over $500,000 for Ukraine Charities in Matter of Hours

Screenshot from Backbone
Backbone is a game that features in the Bundle for Ukraine

Indie developer Necrosoft Games has organised a bundle on called "Bundle for Ukraine" that contains over 991 items with 572 of these being PC games you can play. Amazingly, the bundle is worth over $6,500 but you'll only need to pay $10 in order to get your hands on it. Best of all, all the money raised will be sent to two charities supporting victims of the current war in Ukraine: the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children.

The bundle hasn't even been online for a whole day yet and it's already half-way towards reaching its goal of $1,000,000 in the next 10 days. In fact, as I type this, an additional $80,000 has already been raised! There are also quite a few top tier indie games here such as Celeste, Superhot, Super Hexagon, Baba is You and CrossCode. Some of these games have featured in previous bundles but if you want to see how this one differs, be sure to check out this handy website. One that hasn't been included in previous bundles is Backbone which featured on our list of most anticipated games for 2021. In fact, there are a bunch of other games published by Raw Fury in this bundle such as Kingdom Two Crowns, Night Call and GoNNER.

These games are DRM-free but you can only download them directly off No Steam keys will be provided (despite some of these games being quite popular on the platform).

So will you be getting thins bundle? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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