Horizon Chase Turbo - Summer Vibes Review

Screenshot of Summer Vibes DLC from Horizon Chase Turbo
It's Out Run but with an F50

Quick Info
Reviewed by: Mark Goninon
Developer: AQUIRIS
Publisher: AQUIRIS
Release Date: 17 Sep 2019
Time played: 45 minutes

More maps and a new car

I have fond memories of playing racing or driving games at the arcades such as Out Run and Chase HQ, to the point that to this very day, I still enjoy a good retro arcade racer. Over the years I played a bunch of this type of game on PC such as the obscure 1989 Acorn game E-Type, 1994's Lamborghini: American Challenge and 2006's Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. My go-to arcade racer game nowadays though is a game called Horizon Chase Turbo which was released in 2018. Horizon Chase Turbo is currently the highest rated game on Choicest Games for the year of 2018 with a score of 9/10. The game perfectly captures the feel of the classic arcade racers of yesteryear and it's a blast to play locally on the Steam Link. I have a lot of time for this game and consequently wishlisted all the game's DLC including Summer Vibes.

Thankfully, my brother decided to gift this DLC along with a whole bunch of other games for Christmas (thanks bro) so I finally got a chance to give it a go. The Summer Vibes DLC adds twelve new "summer" themed maps and a new car (although it's just the existing Ferrari F50 but in convertible mode). The new car also has five skins you can unlock including a "Miami Vice" inspired one.

Screenshot of Miami Vice inspired car in Summer Vibes DLC from Horizon Chase Turbo
Gee, I wonder which 80s show they're referring to here

Short campaign

The DLC offers 12 more tracks you can race on but they're basically recycled from the base game along with recycled art assets. Worse, it won't take you long to complete all these tracks as you'll be finished with the campaign in about 45 minutes.

It's also worth noting that, like the base game, this is a family friendly game suitable for the whole family and it's been proven to work on the Steam Link with Logitech F710 controllers.

No Ferrari Testarossa

The main reason to pay money for this DLC is to unlock the convertible Ferrari F50 which then gives you the opportunity to unlock five skins for the car too. The DLC is an obvious tribute to Out Run thanks to the shiny red convertible Ferrari (despite the fact you're not driving a Ferrari Testarossa and the genders are swapped) and while the DLC successfully works as a tribute, there's not really much more offered by the DLC.
Screenshot from Summer Vibes DLC from Horizon Chase Turbo
For veterans of the original game, some of these tracks will look very familiar


You don't really get much with this DLC. Sure, there are 12 new tracks but they're just recycled from the base game, and you only get one new car which is a car that already exists in the game except this one has the roof taken off. Worst of all, for a DLC that is a tribute to Out Run there is no Ferrari Testarossa to unlock. It's just as well the DLC is very cheap (especially when it goes on sale) since that's really the only thing going for it.

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