Pile of Shame Sunday - 12th December 2021

Screen cap of Herman's Hermits singing "No Milk Today"
That's right kids. No Pile of Shame Sunday this week.

I've been sick this weekend so it's been an effort to get anything done, so consequently it's No Pile of Shame Sunday.

Again, please enjoy Herman's Hermits and just imagine they're singing "No-pile-of-shAAAAME" for a bit before you return to your regular gaming habits :).

It's become a bit of a tradition in these posts, but I usually check out how I'm actually doing with respect to how much of the Pile of Shame has been completed. Since my spending habits are rather frugal nowadays with respect to games it seems that I'm now up to 10.3% which is a slight improvement over December 2019 when it was 8.4%. So at this rate, maybe in another 90 years, I'll be finally finished!

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