Choicest VGM - VGM #478 - The 39 Steps - Main Theme (Remix)

Soundtrack composed by Si Begg

Now this game is pretty obscure but the book it's based off, is not. "The Thirty-Nine Steps" written by John Buchan and published in 1915 is one of the earliest examples of the 'man-on-the-run' thriller archetype which has been used in films forever since. There have been several adaptations of this novel including four films, several radio plays, a play and the 2013 video game which is where this music is from.

This particular piece of music is a remix of the main theme and if I recall correctly it plays at the end of the game during the credits. The remix is composed by electronic dance musician Simon Begg who has composed music under a number of pseudonyms since 1993. It sounds like it would fit quite nicely as background music to a Pierce Brosnan era James Bond flick as I'm definitely getting Moby vibes here.