Choicest VGM - VGM #471 - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Moving Forces

Universe at War OST artwork

Soundtrack composed by Frank Klepacki

Now for some funky industrial music because that's what you get with this track called "Moving Forces". Despite Universe at War being released some 7 years after Red Alert 2, I definitely get the same Red Alert 2 vibe here; it reminds me of tracks such as "Jank" and "Power". When writing the soundtrack to Red Alert 2, Frank Klepacki did so with a Korg Tr-rack, Novation Nova Desktop and Roland 5080; he defined the style of Red Alert 2 as "heavy metal guitar and fast-paced beats".

The soundtrack was originally offered for free off the Petroglyph forums but you can download a copy from the Free VGM section at Choicest Games. It's also available for streaming off Frank Klepacki's website.