Choicest VGM - VGM #460 - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Damage King

Universe at War OST artwork

Soundtrack composed by Frank Klepacki

This might be an obscure game to some but Petroglyph, a company founded by ex-Westwood employees, released a sci-fi Real-Time Strategy game back in 2007 called Universe at War: Earth Assault. It was meant to be part of a series of games but alas it never got traction. Being a sci-fi game though meant Frank Klepacki could go to town with the soundtrack, and that he did.

The soundtrack reminds me of the soundtracks composed for games like Dune 2, Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle for Dune especially. In Emperor: Battle for Dune, each house that you played (Harkonnen, Atreides and Ordos) had a different soundtrack composed by different composers. This meant that each side had a distinctive style and one of the definite highlights for Emperor: Battle for Dune was its epic soundtrack.

It seems like Frank Klepacki tried to employ a similar tactic with his Universe at War soundtrack and its three factions: the Masari, the Novus and the Hierarchy. The Masari has epic orchestral music, similar to the Atreides in Emperor: Battle for Dune, the Novus has electronic music similar to the Ordos in Emperor: Battle for Dune and the Hierarchy has got some heavy metal going on, similar to the Harkonnen in Emperor: Battle for Dune.

This particular track called "Damage King" is one of the tracks you'll hear while playing as the Hierarchy. It's definitely worthy head-banging material perfect for listening while you stomp on Human forces while commanding giant aliens.

The soundtrack was originally offered for free off the Petroglyph forums but you can download a copy from the Free VGM section at Choicest Games. Frank Klepacki also had some notes about the soundtrack which I've posted below:

I hope you enjoy listening to this soundtrack as much as I enjoyed creating it for Universe At War: Earth Assault. Nothing is more gratifying to me then to see it completely integrated into the rest of team's hard work on this title, in the name of creating a fun experience for everyone. This game is definitely the most unique rts I have worked on to date and I'm proud to be a part of it on all audio fronts. Thanks to all of the community - Keep rockin'!