Choicest VGM - VGM #459 - World of Goo - World of Goo Beginning

Screenshot from World of Goo

Soundtrack composed by Kyle Gabler

Back in the late noughties, before the explosion of indie games thanks to the success of things like Minecraft and Steam, there was a very successful physics puzzle game called World of Goo. A game that is like Lemmings but with goo balls, when I reviewed this game I found it funny and a decent challenge for those that don't normally play puzzle games. I also mentioned that it had a good soundtrack too and one of the most memorable themes has to be the main menu theme to the game called simply "World of Goo Beginning".

Kyle Gabler, the composer, kindly distributed the soundtrack for free and it's available off his website or you can download a copy from the Free VGM section at Choicest Games. He also has some notes about this particular track which I've placed down below:

This is the main theme of World of Goo, and the first chunk of music I wrote for the game, specifically for our first trailer. I wanted the theme of the game to somehow reflect the song Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, which was the track I used in the original Tower of Goo prototype back in school. Listen for a similar chord progression once the melody kicks in.