Choicest VGM - VGM #458 - Battlefield 2 - MEC Loading Theme

Battlefield 2 logo

Soundtrack composed by Fredrik Englund, David Tallroth and Jonas Ostholm

Along with the loading music for China this is the other piece of loading music I remember from Battlefield 2 that represents the Middle East Coalition (MEC). Battlefield 2 was a product of its time as the War on Terror was in full swing with America and its allies involved in campaigns in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The MEC in Battlefield 2 are meant to be a coalition of Arabic-speaking nations. Maps that involve the MEC includes "Road to Jalalabad", "Highway Tampa" (situated in the Arabian peninsula), "Zatar Wetlands" (located next to the Red Sea), "Strike at Karkand" (located in Kuwait City), "Sharqi Peninsula" (located along the Persian Gulf), "Operation Clean Sweep" (probably located in the Strait of Hormuz), "Mashtuur City", "Kubra Dam" (located in Saudi Arabia) and "Gulf of Oman".

The MEC theme is a very hypnotic one and there's a very good cover of it by Play! A Video Game Symphony if you're curious to hear a different take on it with some pretty epic drumming.