Choicest VGM - VGM #452 - Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura - Qintara

Screenshot from Arcanum

Track composed by Ben Houge

Despite the track being titled "Qintara" the music actually plays when you visit the Elven tree city of Qintarra (note the extra "r"). This city is located in the Glimmering Forest, one of the last areas of Arcanum not touched by the unrelenting march of progress and its industrial revolution.

In the world of Arcanum, ancient Elves were much more advanced than other races such as the Humans and Dwarves already employing mithril armour at an early stage. They apparently live to 1,000 years old naturally but can extend their lifespans by centuries using magick which they are naturally talented at. However, their natural talent with Magick also means they are usually at a disadvantage when using even the most simple of technology as the magick within them can sometimes cause technological devices to break down.

The piece incorporates a bit more percussion, such as the drums and xylophone, to give it a more tribal feel to the track which reflects the home the Elves have made for themselves, living in treetop houses in the Glimmering Forest. The piece also feels more beautiful and carefree than some other tracks that are harsh or morose in tone, often attributed to the industrialised settlements such as Tarant.

To learn more about Ben Houge's work on the Arcanum soundtrack, be sure to check out his webpage.