How to Get Rid of Graphical Artifacts in Kentucky Route Zero

Screenshot from Kentucky Route Zero with no artifacts!

I originally played Kentucky Route Zero back in 2015 and had no issues with graphical artifacts but since playing the most recent version of the game I've often encountered weird graphical artifacts usually while driving around on the map screen or visiting certain locations (the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces sequence was particulary bad). At first, I thought since this was a pretty surreal kind of game anyway, maybe they were an intentional last minute addition? But turns out I was right with my initial thoughts: some users will experience graphical artifacts with the most recent version of this game.

Thankfully, Steam user "bakkan" found out what the issue was and posted his findings in this thread. It turns out that running the game using OpenGL as a renderer can cause issues so the solution is to force the game to use DirectX 11. Full credit goes to "Bakkan" for this information but I thought I'd create a post with screenshots to help those that prefer a solving their problems using pictures instead of words alone:

Right-click the game in your Steam Library

Right-clicking Kentucky Route Zero in your Steam Library

Click "Properties"

Screenshot of Properties link after right-clicking on Kentucky Route Zero in Steam Library

Click "Set Launch Options"

Screenshot of General Tab on Properties screen for Kentucky Route Zero on Steam

Screenshot of Set Launch Options dialog for Kentucky Route Zero on Steam

Type in "-force-d3d11"

Screenshot of how to force DirectX 11 with Kentucky Route Zero on Steam

Click "OK" and then click "Close"

Screenshot of saving new launch options to Kentucky Route Zero in Steam

Run the game without Artifacts!