Choicest VGM - VGM #451 - Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura - Mines

Screenshot from Arcanum

Track composed by Ben Houge

This music plays when you visit the Black Mountain Mines run by the Dwarven Black Mountain Clan. I had a real tough time going through these mines (and the game in general to be honest) but one particularly annoying thing that happened was that Magnus (one of the Dwarven followers in the party) got so enraged with me for some reason that he started attacking me and getting himself killed in the process! There's apparently lots of reports of the followers, particulary Magnus, behaving erratically; there's even one user that claims in a 2002 forum post on Terra Arcanum that Magnus complains to you about killing innocent people, despite him being the one doing the actual killing!

God, I hate that little shit.

Magnus even gets mad when he attacks "innocent" people. Mad at me! WTF?

An example of this is in Ashbury. Near the outskirts of town, the crazy halfling woman attacked my party. I ran away from her, never attacked her once. Magnus on the other hand started beating the crap out of her with his axe. As he's killing her, he tells me, "Ach! Ah cannae believe ye'd attack sooch a gud perrrson! Ah willnae be havin thus fer mooch longerrr!"

I spent a lot of time visiting mines in this game so this music is already memorable for that simple reason. I also like it since it's one of the more livelier pieces in the game. A very dramatic piece that makes you feel there is imminent danger around every corner.

To learn more about Ben Houge's work on the Arcanum soundtrack, be sure to check out his webpage.